Why eXp

I believe eXp is hands down the best choice for real estate agents today! It gives you a platform to create wealth and even one day retire! Do you remember the last time you met a retired real estate agent?  As a cloud based brokerage, eXp is able to share the wealth in a way no other brokerage can through revenue sharing. Every agent is an owner in the brokerage with the best stock options out there. They also provide everyone with lead generation and training from some of the top agents in the country! Coaching and collaboration among eXp agents is unparalleled - since we are all financially aligned we are all opening up our playbooks to help the other agents in the company.  Let's talk more about it.

EXP stock is awarded to all eXp agents - making everyone an owner in the brokerage

Revenue share empowers agents to have multiple revenue streams.

Lead generation programs and a KVcore website for every agent

35+ hours of LIVE training every week by ICON agents

Cloud based brokerage

Fully-staffed technology team available to answer all of your questions

Great commission splits with a low annual cap

Collaborate with top agents around the country through coaching and accountability workshops

Group Healthcare discounts?